Welcome to my new Web Site.

My name is Gregory Naud and I have worked in the animation Industry since 2005.

I completed studies in Electrical Engineering and worked in the industry for 2 years before deciding that it was not ‘my thing.’ I decided to pursue my passion for Computer Graphics and animation and did a training course in CG. I also continued to learn from all the materials I could find on the internet.

I got a chance to test my animation skills when I was hired on a stereoscopic feature film in Belgium for my first job. Since then I have gone on to become a Character Animator, my dream job.

I love everything related to traditional and digital art. Recently I decided to go back to the basics : drawing and painting. Hopefully I’ll update this website often with new artwork and maybe tutorials soon.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


My Resume in PDF format

My online resume on linkedin.